what is the third eye

The Third Eye!

What is The Third Eye!

what is the third eye

In material senses or conscious senses, we see flesh through the eye of a poppy. If the eyes are closed, the information that reaches the retina through light stops, and nothing is seen. This is the process of the material eye which is also called external vision.

It is commonly known that we see with the eyes, but reflection reveals that it is unnecessary to have only eyes to see.

If the nervous system, which transmits information from the visual screen to the brain, is removed. So even though the eye is present, a person cannot see anything. This means that the eyes are part and parcel of the vision mechanism. It often happens that a person is asleep, and his eyes are closed but he cannot see the surrounding objects.

The eyes and the nervous system of the brain are all present, yet he sees nothing.

This proves that the mind must be focused in order to see.

What is The Third Eye!


What is The Third Eye

We go from home to the office and after reaching the office someone asks us what things we have seen on the way. So, we cannot mention the names of all the things we saw along the way, only the things we noticed.

Another example is that when we are deep in thought, we cannot tell anything about the sounds of the Around and the events happening before our eyes.

A series of ideas and concepts remain in the human mind. If you think about it, it is known that all the movements and colors of life are associated with these ideas and concepts. All forced and natural needs are also born from thoughts. Not only the functions of life but also sciences and arts start from human concepts. Information from the environment serves as a pivot for thoughts when we look outside. But often it happens that the person is sitting detached from the environment. Despite this, images of ideas and concepts continue to form on the screen of his mind.

This means that the external image is seen by the eye when the light falls on the screen. But when thoughts and ideas emerge on the screen of the mind, external light has no role to play. Man perceives the reflection of concepts in the same way it does the same way it looks at the outside mirror.

Although the reflection of the concepts is dim, it has the same meaning as the reflection outside.

So, it is known that the process of vision occurs in both cases.

It is often experienced that if the mind goes to an event that has deeply affected you or a person with whom you have a deep attachment, the details of the event and the depth of attention develop. The outline of the personality becomes a reflection on the screen of the mind. This diagram is mirrored in such a way that we perceive it in pictorial form. No external scene enters the mind, yet we find the visual impression before us as it is before the landscape.

Similarly, when we sleep and our eyes are closed, different scenes keep appearing in our dreams. It is also frequently experienced that an event is seen in a dream in semi-sleep and after some time the same incident also occurs in the vigil.

What these everyday examples have in common is that the action of our material eyes is zero when looking at scenes or perceiving the reflection of scenes.

It is meant to say that human vision is free from the need of material factors in its action.

In a way, it is beyond the action of the material eye. That side of sight that works without the physical eye, inner sight, and inner vision is called the third eye.

What is The Third Eye!


What is The Third Eye

If a person is defined in the light of spiritual knowledge, then it will be called sight, and the focus of language is on information.

Any information that enters the mind from outside or inside.

Sight is a faculty within the human being that is bound to inform the mind of more and more details. When this force acts in the physical system, “observation through the eye of the flesh-poppy” comes into play, and the same force can perform its function even without the material eye. If the movement of the material eye is suspended and the sight is, the flow of information stops.

Hence the force Basra starts climbing.

Unless the force of vision fulfills its function, its role is not fulfilled, and it is bound to fulfill its function according to the law of creation. When the power of vision ascends, a person begins to see the world of the unseen with closed eyes. At that time the vision observes all the features of the universe. These are the carvings that go one step further and become demonstrations in material space. These carvings are called soul or inner world.

Continuity in meditation forces the power of vision to go beyond the material world and focus on the world that is not visible to the external eye.

What is The Third Eye!


What is The Third Eye

When we look with our eyes, the eyelids move, and the process of blinking occurs. Blinking repeatedly strikes the beads and the beads move. The perception of external lights from the motions of the cells works in the brain and the brain gets the information that there are such and such things in the environment. All these movements are produced when a man is oriented toward the outside world and wants more information about his surroundings. In the external world, connection appears in certain movements of the nerves.

The eyeballs move There are, and the eyelid repeatedly blinks to create an impulse within the nerve.

All these nerve impulses give material vision and thanks to them the mechanism of limited vision works.

If the gaze is fixed on a single point and the blinking is suspended, then the monotony begins to prevail.

And the sense of atmosphere begins to diminish. It has also been experienced that viewpoints disappear from the front and a screen appears in their place.

What is The Third Eye!
What is The Third Eye

The reason for this is that due to not closing the eyelids, the movements of the brain begin to deteriorate and when the same scene remains on the screen of consciousness, this condition starts to increase. Moving from one thing to another. He does not stop at any one idea.

When the opposite happens, the conscious senses start to be overwhelmed, i.e., if only one image remains on the screen of the mind and the movements of the eyelids are suspended, then the process of working within the consciousness starts to fluctuate.

The movements of the grandchildren become still. As a result, material vision is overwhelmed. When this deviation exceeds a certain limit, the gaze pattern changes, and inner vision or inner angle vision is activated.

When a person meditates, all those factors are set in motion which activate the inner vision by suspending the outer vision.

Both external and internal communication depend on light. Just as external light is a source of information, internal information is also received through light. If there is a change in the light, the angle of vision also changes in the sensations and observations.

When the day rises and the atmosphere becomes illuminated by the sunlight, our feelings are different.

When the darkness of night spreads, our conditions are not the same as during the day. If blue glasses are put on the eyes, everything looks blue and if red lenses are put on, the red color dominates. Working in constant bright light causes nerve damage and if the environment is decorated with natural colors, the nerves feel relaxed. If binoculars are placed on the eyes, distant objects appear closer. And if a microscope is used, the invisible objects become visible.

There are so many things in the realm of materiality that our eyes cannot see. into very small particles, atoms, and atoms electrons, protons and other atomic particles are invisible to our eyes. As the distance increases. We cannot see the exact position of objects and their details.

A tree a few hundred yards away and its leaves are not visible. Buildings and their features appear blurry due to poor eyesight.

Science says that electrons in an atom revolve around the nucleus.

Molecules move freely in all directions within the confines of a liquid structure. While their range of motion becomes wider on the left.

Many things are invisible to us but can be recognized by their effects such as electric currents, magnetic fields, and many other waves.

When we take the help of an invention with physical formulas in front, many details are hidden, and hidden angles become visible. When the microscope lens comes in front of the eye, tiny microbes, viruses, and other fine particles are visible.

The electron beam is visualized through an “Electron Microscope”

When the lens of the telescope is fitted to the eye, distant objects appear closer. According to the type and power of the lens applied to the eyes, the unseen things become visible.

This is a reference to the light that works outside. If the angle of the external light is changed, it becomes visible in our vision as well. As well as internal notifications that come to mind.

Also based on the process of light. If the mind is fixed by closing the eyes

The flow of external light stops, so the internal light penetrates the senses and takes its place.

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