Three layers!

What and why there are Three layers in Humans!

Three layers!What and why there are Three layersEvery human being is composed of three bodies or three souls.

Each soul is based on two Realms.

Spirit Animal Circle No. 1) Self (Circle No. 2) Heart

Human Spirit (Circle No. 1) Soul, (Circle No. (2) Head

supreme soul (Circle No. 1) Hidden, (Circle No. 2) Hide

These six circles are divided into axial and longitudinal rotation circle and triangle (Circle & Triangle) and change into six waves of light and light.

The three waves of light create the senses of awakening and the three light waves create the senses of dream. Three waves of light animate the waking life and three waves of light animate the dream life.

A person wakes up after sleeping, after awakening when his eyes open, he enters the conscious senses, we can call this state semi-awake state, we can call this state as awake state. Semi-consciousness means that one has not yet fully entered consciousness.

But as soon as he wakes up from sleep, he enters the first state of consciousness.

His mind is crowded with thoughts and actions. The patterns of thought and action in the sense of awareness begin to disappear all at once. After semi-awakening, the second period begins. It creates depth in a person’s senses. From this depth of consciousness, the ferment that is over the mind is removed. During this interval, the server status remains stable. Sometimes the server status increases and sometimes decreases. With this state, the heart circle becomes active. The third state after the deep feelings of the server is intuition, intuition is the third stage of awareness. In intuition, the circle of spirit works.

What and why there are Three layers in Humans!

Drowsiness and during Sleep

First Interval:

What and why there are Three layers

Semi-awakening (originating of conscious senses) = establishment of thought and action on a center = circle of self-movement.

Second Interval:What and why there are Three layers

The dominance of hangover over the brain is over and the depth of consciousness is created = server = movement of heart circle.

Third Interval:What and why there are Three layers

Depth in pleasure = Intuition = Circle Movement of Spirit Just as there are three intervals in wakefulness, so there are three intervals in sleep. Just as a human being passes through three (Stages) and enters awareness, similarly, a person passes through three stages and enters sleep.

The interval between sleep and wakefulness is called drowsiness. In sleep, the “head circle” is in motion. In the second state of sleep, which should be called light sleep, there is movement of the secret circle, and in the third state of sleep, when a person falls into deep sleep, there are movements of the “secret circle“.

The first between sleep and wakefulness:

Drowsiness = heavy senses + mild sense of unconsciousness,

The other state between sleep and wakefulness,

Light sleep = movement in unconscious senses –

Perception of the conscious senses.

The third state between sleep and wakefulness,

Deep sleep = dominance of unconscious senses + negation of conscious senses. It is worth noting that at the beginning of all these conditions, a state of silence is definitely imposed on a person. When a man wakes up from sleep, his mind is completely calm and empty.

In the same way, in other conditions also, the nature of a human being becomes still for a few moments. That is, silence is necessary to enter from one state to another. Just as every state of awareness begins with silence

Similarly, there is a slight silence in the senses during sleep.

And after a few moments pass, this silence of the senses becomes burdensome and takes the form of drowsiness. A few still moments of early sleep are the beginning of light sleep and then the still waves of deep sleep take over the human body. This dominance is called deep sleep.

What and why there are Three layers in Humans!

Law of sight!What and why there are Three layers

Both wakefulness and sleep are related to the senses. In one state or state, the speed of the sense’s increases, and in one state or state, the speed of the senses slows down. But the nature of the senses does not change, whether in waking or dreaming, the same kind of senses work in both. Wakefulness and sleep are two compartments inside the brain or say that there are two brains inside a human being. In one brain, when the senses are active, it is called wakefulness, and in another brain, when the senses are active, it is called sleep. That is, the same senses are alternating between awakening and sleep, and the alternation of senses is life. When one of the senses at the top of the brain is silenced, other senses are activated.

The rule and method of functioning of the senses in awakening is that when the eyelid is struck on the eyelid, the senses start working, that is, a person comes out of the senses of sleep and enters the senses of awakening.

An example of this in the present day can be given by the camera. There is film inside the camera. There is also a lens. But if the camera button is not pressed and there is no movement in the shutter, the image does not appear on the film.What and why there are Three layers

In the same way, if the eyelid does not strike the eyeball, the scenes in front do not become a film on the screen of the mind. This is the second stage of seeing in awareness. The first stage is that when a person wakes up after sleeping, a thought immediately comes to him, and this thought becomes the boundary between waking and sleep. When this thought deepens. So, the process of blinking begins and along with the blinking of the eyes the scenes are transferred to the screen of the mind.

The law of seeing is that the mind receives a message in the cognitive state along with the scenes on the mind. By seeing, the mind attaches meaning to this information. The time interval between the blinking process and the image that is transmitted to the human brain is fifteen seconds.

If fifteen seconds have not yet passed, one, two or more of the scenes in front of the eye replace the first scene and the sequence continues.

In awareness, the gaze is directly related to the eyeballs. Blinking on the eyeballs is the camera button of the eye that repeatedly takes pictures. The law is that if the eyelid does not fall on the eyeballs, the nerves inside the eye do not work. The nerve impulses inside the eye work only when the eyelids or the eyelids are struck over them.

If the eyelid is closed and the movement of the cells stops, a gap appears in front of the vision. Filming of scenes stops.

The entire universe and all species and individuals within the universe are bound together with one centrality. Different stages of life and different periods of life are obviously seen separately from the eyes, but in fact, no matter how different the ups and downs of the times and the changes in the stages of life are, they are all related to one another. Individuals act as links or rays between the Universe and the Center. On the one hand, individuals feed the universe by radiating waves from centrality, sustaining centrality. On the other hand, individuals ascend after feeding the universe.

What and why there are Three layers in Humans!
Endless Cycle

What and why there are Three layersLife is an endless cycle of descent and ascent.

In view of the period of rays and waves, we cannot call the shape of the universe as anything but a circle.

That is, the entire universe is a sphere. This circle is divided into six circles by ascending and descending.

Universe and Individuals, the name of the first sphere of the universe is «Self». Self is a lamp. From which the light is emanating. The name of this light or light of the lamp is ” sight “.

Obviously, where there is light, there will be light, and where there is light, the atmosphere becomes bright. As far as the light of the lamp falls, it observes itself. There are many colors in the light of the lamp. There are as many colors in the universe as there are colors. The light of the lamp goes from dim, dim, bright to very bright. Illusions arise in our mind about the things on which the light falls very lightly, and ideas arise in our mind about the things on which the light falls lightly, and the things on which the light falls strongly. A concept is created in our mind and the objects on which the light of the light shines very strongly, the sight sees them.

What and why there are Three layers in Humans!
What and why there are Three layers

Actually , we go through four stages to see something.

To see and understand something, a slight illusion of that thing is brought to the mind. That is, a light outline of something is created.

If there is depth in the illusion, it becomes a thought. If the thought is deep, then the images of that thing are formed in the mind. As the carvings become deeper, the idea becomes a concept, and when the carvings begin to appear conceptually in the features, the object becomes visible.

Meditation suggests that seeing is a faculty that works in dim light to transfer the faint outline of an object, however “illusory” it may be. The object can be seen in the shape and form of the shape and color (Dimension). As we have described the law of sight, all the senses work in the same way.

These senses are smell (sense of smell), hearing (sense of hearing), sense of taste (sense of taste) and sense of touch (sense of touch).

All aspects of life, all actions, events and situations of life, all styles of life continue this law.

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