The Heart of the

The Heart of the


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the heart of-the

Different ideas and concepts are constantly entering our mind. We do not have to use our will in them. Thoughts enter the consciousness point by point without intention or authority. The thoughts, concepts, conditions and requirements that operate in human life consist of three levels.

A kind of thoughts and feelings give a man the awareness of his presence, thanks to which a man sees himself as a man. As if it is an individual feeling. All the creatures of the universe have this kind of consciousness. Goat also has its own sense and dove also has sense of its own presence.

The second consciousness acquaints the individual with the concepts of his species, for example, when consciousness works within a man, a man is born from a man, and a singing child is born from a cow. Adam’s son has the same feelings as his parents and the song child is born with the same feelings as the cow.

A set of thoughts and perceptions is the consciousness that continues equally in all beings and the manifestation of this consciousness is sight.

This consciousness has the same pattern at the point where it manifests.

The Heart Of the

For example,

the heart of the

Man considers water as water and Horse also drinks water as water. There is no change in the character of this consciousness or vision from eternity to eternity. Even changing the mechanism does not make any difference in its role.

Thanks to this consciousness, all beings are bound to each other in an invisible relationship. This is why the fundamental values of the universe are one. The powers of hunger, thirst, sorrow, sight, hearing and touch are present in all creatures. When these forces move across species, each species uses them in different ways according to its own values. For example, the sense of hunger is present in the lion and functions in the goat, but both fulfill the needs separately. The mind of species operates individually based on the meanings in thought. That is, the mind of the species becomes individual in the individual.

The cosmic mind is like the seed of a tree. The material base of the tree trunk, branches, flowers and fruits is a tiny seed. A seed expresses itself in myriad forms. If there is no seed, it is not possible to mention the tree. In the same way all species and members of species are moved by the cosmic mind.

All thoughts, concepts and feelings operating in species and species are all extensions of one unit.

If the mind of the species is considered to be an electric current, then all the species and their individuals will be like electric currents. Just as electricity travels through wires from a power plant to millions of universes, so do messages from the cosmic mind reach the species and its individuals. Since the information system is like an electric current, the minds of all species work in conjunction with each other.

If we consider life, the fact emerges that one side of our mind moves in material life and the other side is the source of information of life in which all the information and movements of life are preserved.

Our conscious life is subject to this part. Thousands of movements, chemical and electrical reactions occur in our body without conscious intention. For example, breathing, blinking, heart beating, we don’t have to use willpower. All these actions happen in a sequence by themselves.

The Heart Of the

Individual ConsciousnessThe Heart Of the Universe

In the creation phase, species characteristics, species concepts and information are transferred from the individual to the offspring. The role of individual consciousness in birth is superficial. The physical mind and the cosmic mind play a fundamental role.

After the development of the knowledge of genetics, it is not difficult to understand that the shape and appearance of the child born resembles the parents or relatives.
Basically, a child is born with the same characteristics as other members of its species. Not only physical traits are inherited, but habits are also inherited.
In other words, the impressions of other species and the attributes of the cosmic mind are transmitted from parent to child like a record. Both of these records are stored in every child born. As the child grows up, his species consciousness expands.
From these facts it is as clear as the sun that there is a powerful and conscious system working within us beyond the willful movements. This conscious person is called the species consciousness in spirituality and when this person controls the common values within all species, it is called the collective consciousness of the universe. These two consciousnesses which are the basis of the entire universe are collectively “Soul”.
Within a person, along with his individual consciousness, there is also the consciousness of the species and the consciousness of the universe. Species refers to people who have existed from the beginning of creation to the present moment. The collection of feelings of the species is not in the consciousness of the individual but in the mind of the species and from here the consciousness is transferred.

The Heart Of the
The Heart Of the Universe

A person wants to learn the art of writing. When he is attracted to this art and tries to imbibe it within himself under the prevailing rules and regulations, after due time he becomes able to perform this art at will.

It means that he made a part of consciousness by activating a potential within him. In the same way he learns any knowledge or art of his kind. This ability is stored in the natural mind of a human being and from there it is transferred and becomes a part of consciousness. Similarly, when one wants to awaken the mind of his species or the cosmic mind, he is more or less successful in his endeavor in the same way as he is successful in activating the species’ mind.

If all the qualities of the individual consciousness are absorbed into the consciousness of the species, then the individual consciousness dissolves into the consciousness of the species and it attains contact with the collective consciousness of mankind. He can convey his idea to any person without making the phenomena a medium. No matter how far it is. In the same way he can also receive his idea.

With this knowledge of ideas, many personality tasks can be carried out.

Commonly, this knowledge is called transmigration.

If the individual consciousness evolves and harmonizes with the consciousness of the universe, then it becomes aware of the collective consciousness of all beings.

The Heart Of the
Jinn and Angelsthe heart of the

The movements of animals, creatures, jinn and angels can be traced. Planets and celestial systems can be observed.
If a person enters the individual mind, the physical mind and then the cosmic mind, he can study the entire universe because there is only one consciousness operating in the universe and through it each wave understands the meaning of the other wave even if it is two. Waves occur at two ends of the universe. Therefore, if we absorb the consciousness through our attention in both the working minds, then we can understand both of them exactly in the same way as we are aware of our own conscious events and conditions.
Through concentrated attention, one can observe the phenomena of one’s own planet and other planets. The movements and motions of humans, animals, jinn and angels and the inner movements of living beings can be known.
Constant practice of meditation, concentration leads to concentration and the conscious mind dissolves into the cosmic mind, seeing, understanding and memorizing everything as needed.

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