Human Electrical System!


Human Electrical System!

Human Electrical SystemIf one contemplates within matter, material laws and material properties become known.

When our mind probes into the depths of matter, we discover a world that is the basis of materiality. We can call it the world of waves or the world of light.

When scientists searched for the composition of matter, atoms and sub-atomic particles came to light. Electrons in atomic particles were known to possess dual properties. On one side is a material particle and on the other side is a wave. The system of waves inside the atom gives rise to the world of light. So, what we see in our environment. The movements that occur in the vicinity of light. Correspondingly, there are changes in material characteristics as well. According to scientific principle, if the number of electrons and protons is changed. So, the atom changes its nature. In nuclear fission, uranium is converted into plutonium. As if the atomic particles that belong to the world of waves, if there is a change in them, the element changes shape.

When there is a change in the world of light, there is also a change in the material manifestation. Just as the electrical current system works with every material being, in the same way the electrical system works within the human being. According to spiritual science, man is not just a body composed of flesh, bones and blood, but light within the physical existence which is everything and this light essence is his origin. The essence is the electric current, or current.


There are basically three generators working inside the human being. These generators produce three types of current. The combination of these three currents is called human.

Human Electrical System


Human Electrical SystemCandlestick, or candlestick flame is a mixture of three ingredients.

1. The color of the flame 2. flame retardant and 3. The heat produced by the burning of the candle.

When we say the word candle, it refers to the collective form of the three components. None of these three can be separated from the existence of the candle.

Like a candle, human senses are also subject to three electric currents. All thoughts, concepts and feelings, whether external or internal, concrete or subtle, Formed by different combinations of electric currents.

A central power station controls these three generators. Like immortality, soul or manifestation.

The current produced by generator number 1 is very subtle and fast, its potential is also indescribably high. It keeps the mind connected to all corners of the universe due to its speed. Due to high speed, the reflection of this current is very blurred on the screen of the human mind. This image is called an illusion. All senses and all sciences have their origins in illusion.

The subtlest idea is called illusion as felt only in the depths of perception. Illusion deepens and becomes thought. The current generated by the generator has two parts. One with high power and the other with low power. A single electric current first accelerates and then slows down. The stronger or faster current is the consciousness or ear record of the universe, and the weaker current is called illusion.Human Electrical SystemGenerator No. 2 also produces two types of electric current, one negative and the other positive.

The negative wave enters the illusion, and the illusion becomes a thought. Thought is a detailed form of illusion. But it also remains hidden from view. When the positive current prevails over the idea, it turns into a concept. If there are gaps in the idea, it is called imagination. A concept is a diagram that the eye does not see but the mind covers the shape and form.

The function of generator number 3 current is to deepen feelings. This electric current has the form of a wave. That is, one movement is upward and the other downward. In other words, two movements, two kinds of sensations impart to the mind. Upward movement or upward movement is coloring in feelings. In this movement, the imagination becomes so deep that the person is drawn towards the action involuntarily. Descending or downward movement is action or demonstration. In immortality or manifestation, the total knowledge of the universe exists in the form of records. This record becomes an illusion in motion. This movement is called current number 1.

The negative wave of Current No. 2 gives illusion to the form of thought, and through thought all beings are bound together in one relationship. This is the reason that the requirements are common among creatures.

Human Electrical System

2. Example,

Hunger, thirst, grief, anger, passion for survival etc.

The positive wave of current number 2 acquaints man with the concepts of his species.

The descending side of current number 3 is solidity in feelings and the ascending side is coloration in feelings. In the ascending direction, all the feelings of a person are freed from time and place by severing their relationship with the body. In the descending direction, the senses are demonstrated through the eyes, ears, nose, hands and feet, and in the ascending direction, the faculties of sight, hearing, speech and touch function without organs.

All three currents pass through a man’s mind, and he travels in all three states simultaneously. But the current which is reflected deep on the screen of the mind, man sees himself animated in its characteristics. If Current No. 3 is dominated by Current No. 2 or Current No. 1 (Sensation), then a person begins to travel at the speed of imagination, thought and fantasy, and all this hidden information comes out in the form of a picture film.

The power of Current No. 2 and Current No. 3 begins to increase with the practice of meditation.

The increase in strength means that the brain’s receiver begins to receive these messages better.

Human Electrical System

Three Currents.Human Electrical System

We have just stated that three electrical currents operate within the human being. In other words, the abilities that work within the human being are manifested in three spheres. These three currents are the three shades of feeling and each shade has a complete personality.

From each current a human body comes into existence.

Thus, man has three existences or man has three bodies.

The material body, the body made of light and the body made of light. These three bodies are simultaneously active. But the material body (consciousness) knows only material movements.

Human Electrical System

3. Example,

Innumerable functions take place within the material body. The lungs draw in air, thousands of interactions take place within the liver,

Human Electrical System

Astonishing charisma continues through electrical currents within the brain. Old cells are destroyed, and new cells are formed. Most of these actions are not perceived by our consciousness nor controlled by our conscious will. These actions occur automatically in a sequence without conscious intention.

Light and light bodies also work within us. But consciousness does not perceive them. Only dream or meditative states are such in which we perceive the body of light. In these conditions our material body remains suspended. Yet we perform every act of life.

In this state the body of light moves. This body (shadow) is also called ideal body.

If the power of thought is increased, the movements of the ideal body come to the fore. And we can use the ideal body at will. The speed of the ideal body is sixty thousand times more than that of the material body. In a dream, the body of light also becomes active, but the speed is so fast that we cannot remember the light event. The body of light travels thousands of times faster than the body of light. If there is a desired increase in the power of thought, the man becomes acquainted with the body of light.

Spiritual people travel in both light and light by mastering meditation. Through meditation one’s conscious states dissolve into the body of light, and one begins to travel at the speed of light. He gets to know the things that are within the light.

It is important to make it clear that the light here is not the light that we can see, but it is the light that is not visible to the naked eye.

Similarly, when the conscious states are absorbed in the world of light, then the body of light comes into being.

At that time man begins to determine time and space through rays of light.

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