How To Focus

How To Focus

How To Focus?

Concentrated AttentionHow To Focus

Innumerable faculties work in the material life of man. There are cognitive abilities. For example, feeling, hearing, smelling, seeing, tasting, speaking, touching, holding, walking, sleeping and waking up etc. Many sciences and arts also come in this context, such as painting, literature, printing, technical sciences, music, literature, poetry, history, science and metallurgy, etc.

When a person wants to acquire a talent, he is unaware of that talent, but when he is interested in utilizing the talent, the talent is awakened and activated within him according to his taste and aptitude. Attention plays a key role in activating potential a person is focused on awakening a potential is.

If there is not one, he cannot achieve success. Attention must be present whether it is intentional or unintentional. Acquiring a knowledge or a skill the effort and practice that is done to do this is actually to keep the focus on the target.

The principle of focus also applies to spiritual abilities.

Since we are ignorant of spiritual abilities, we are not attracted to them, and unless one turns his mind to inner movements to awaken his spiritual powers, his spiritual abilities are not activated.

Everyone knows that unless the work is done with mental equanimity, the right result will not be achieved. Whether it is worldly work or acquiring religious and spiritual knowledge. For the acquisition of knowledge, an environment in which there is minimal mental disturbance is necessary. When we engage in the study of knowledge with perfect concentration, good results emerge. If you are faced with such situations from which the mind wanders again and again, despite having the ability, study well does not complete.

Concentration focuses the mind as a center. It is called focusing so that the attention remains on one point or one idea for as long as possible. Through concentrated attention, the scattered forces within the mind come together and come out. Innumerable reflections of the soul, innumerable forces remain dormant because the power of concentrated attention awakens the transcendental faculties

It is not used.

The mind moves from one state to another and from one state to another under the influence of emotions, thoughts and demands. He is busy with one thing. Due to the invasion of thoughts, a person does not realize the places which are his origin.

How To Focus?


Broadcasts from radio stations are transmitted through airwaves. These waves have a specific frequency. Radio sets at different places which are actually receivers receive these waves. To receive these waves, it is necessary that the frequency of the radio circuit is the same as that of the broadcast waves. When both frequencies are captured.

If the receivers are the same, the different stations of the world broadcast their programs on different frequencies. The station we want to listen to. Listen to it by setting its frequency. If the frequency is not uniform, the sound is not received. Similarly, if there are obstacles or resistance in between, the sound is not heard clearly.

Along with the sound, the picture is broadcast on TV.

On different channels we not only listen to the broadcast but also watch it in picture form on the screen.

Man’s consciousness is actually the receiver. Information from the deepest center or source of the mind is broadcast on the screen of consciousness in various forms. Some information is displayed in the form of visuals, some in the form of visualization and some in the form of ideas, others are received through sound.

It is in our experience that thoughts keep coming into our minds without our permission. Not a moment passes without a thought in mind. The need for hunger and thirst is also a consideration. The tendency to fall asleep and wake up is also thought. Happiness, sadness and emotions are also thoughts. Not only thoughts and concepts but also hearing, sight, smell and touch are nothing but information. Our entire life revolves around thoughts and when the process of forming thoughts in the mind ends, the body dies.

How To Focus?

Law !

How To Focus
If the thoughts are deep, then they will take the form of manifestationtake If life is something separate from thoughts, then we Never influenced by thoughts. When you think of happiness

A wave of joy and peace runs through us. When a terrifying thought comes, they cringe. Whispers come in the mind, then we get worried. The effects of thoughts have also been recognized medically. Diseases like ulcers, stomach diseases, blood pressure, dysentery, TB etc. are caused by the complexity of thoughts. It is a daily observation that when there is mental disturbance, the appetite goes away. At the thought of the accident, the heart beats faster or the heart starts to sink.

How To Focus?

Similarly, unless the thought of going to the office enters our consciousness, we cannot step towards the office. When a person wants to build a house, the first thing that comes to his mind is that I should build a house. When this idea creates movement, it starts the effort. Raises capital, approaches people who know how to build houses. If we look at architecture, it is also in the form of ideas in the human mind. Therefore, when the forces of thought and action meet, the construction of a house begins and the house that existed in the form of a thought emerges as a building.

The inspired books suggest that ideas have a source. the mind, the point in the depth of the soul is the source. Innumerable information (thoughts) from the Source are being broadcast every moment and every moment. But the information reaching the conscious receiver is not only very few, but also limited. These information becomes his knowledge and memory and we call them consciousness. In order to receive more and wider information, we need to have mental harmony. As our mind ascends steadily to the point or source of information, it gradually observes information that is not normally grasped by the senses.

Consciousness is the ultimate limitation of transmitted information. It is important to study the unconscious to gain more and broader information. A formula or invention or discovery in physical or scientific sciences is a new information. A scientist or an inventor does not know anything new until he enters the unconscious. He meditates on a single point for days, months, years. This contemplation pushes him into the unconscious behind consciousness, which as a result, an invention becomes a manifestation,

How To Focus?

An idea about an invention comes to the mind of the first inventor and his mind becomes focused on that idea. As the mind travels deeper into thought, think about it

Expansiveness continues to arise and within the idea the imprint of the image becomes visible.

At the bottom, that thing appears as a manifestation. For example, after seeing a bird flying in the human mind, the thought came to him that he should also fly in the air. The curiosity of flying in the air continued to guide him. When one generation died, it passed on its conscious heritage to another generation. At first, a man tried to fly by attaching it to the bird but did not succeed. Man is not disappointed by failure. Rather, he was constantly trying to realize the idea of flight. Gradually the rules of flight began to unfold in the mind. The knowledge of air pressure and motion was revealed to him and he succeeded in building a machine which It flies in the air. There is only one law for all sciences and inventions in the world.

That is, when the mind is attracted to a single thing with all its faculties, its details are revealed to the mind. When thought travels in human extrinsic factors.

So, the external sciences are revealed and when one travels inward, the internal sciences and revelations come into experience. A child’s consciousness is different from that of an adult. When a child is born, he does not know anything about his environment. His vision is fixated on an object, and his hearing cannot make meaning in the sounds of the environment. He cannot speak, nor do the senses of distance and time operate within him. Gradually the child learns everything that is prevalent in his environment. Even all modes of thinking are transmitted to him in the environment. In this mode of death, the intention of the child also works does.

But a large part is the knowledge that is transferred involuntarily from people in the environment. A child begins to understand and speak the mother tongue without any education. Similarly, he begins to understand the meanings and uses of the objects in the environment. Ultimately, a child begins to see, understand and feel more or less what his elders know and understand. By the time he reaches adulthood, all those things are gathered in his conscious stock, which he uses to live in the same ways that are prevalent in his society.

Consciousness can be likened to a mirror which reflects light and consciousness absorbs certain lights due to its knowledge and interest. The lights that consciousness absorbs are stopped at the veil of consciousness. The man would see them and feels. But the lights that pass through the veil of consciousness, man does not see them.

How To Focus?

If a clear transparent glass is in front of the object and a person is not aware of the presence of the glass, he cannot see it. This is because light passes through the glass and no reflection occurs and when there is no reflection. If it were, the eye would not see it. Many times, it happens that there is a glass door in front of a man. But the man walks past and hits the glass. After hitting the glass, he sees that there is glass in front of him. Consciousness has the creative potential that when it is attracted to something, it begins to absorb the lights and the lights that were hitherto unknown come into the grasp of the consciousness. This is what we call knowledge, experience, observation, etc.

According to spiritual knowledge, there are infinite lights in the unseen. These lights include galactic systems, celestial beings, space settlements and spiritual sciences and mysteries. When a person turns inward, the inner information begins to form images in the mirror of consciousness.

And the unseen impressions begin to come under the grasp of the consciousness, gradually it begins to understand and feel the impressions in the same way as a child gradually becomes able to understand the environment. Intention is of great importance in awakening the inner senses. Behind the black cloak of darkness before the closed eyes in meditation, it is preserved that the manifestations are there. This knowledge and belief activates the inner vision. In the first stage, there is a disintegration of the will, but as a result of constant practice the will becomes able to move and the meditator sees the inner world with closed eyes in the same way as material objects are seen with open eyes. We are well aware that faith plays a fundamental role in everything we do. If we are not sure that New York is a city, we cannot go to New York. If we do not believe that chemistry is a science, then we cannot learn chemistry.

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