How is works Our mind!

How is works Our Mind!

Film and ScreenHow is works our mindOur mind is a screen. On which the film of life continues. This screen has two levels. One level is that on which the film of the material senses plays. Whatever wishes and demands come in the form of thoughts, they are reflected on the outer level of consciousness and the actions and functions of the material body are fulfilled under these demands.

The second level of the screen exists deep within the mind. Can also say internal level. At this level information is reflected in the form of light. Under normal circumstances, this screen does not come before our eyes.

How is works Our Mind!


How is works our mind

In a cinema, a projector is installed opposite the screen. A film is placed on this projector and the light switch is turned on. Imprints stored on film strips travel through light waves and appear as images on the screen. If viewed in the space between the projector and the screen, a stream of light is visible. All those images in those waves of light are present which reach the screen. In this way three positions are established. One is the impression of a film, the other is the arrangement of light or waves through which the images travel and the third is the screen where the waves collide to form image spots.

When our inner material senses move, we observe the film on the material screen. At that time the reflection of the film falls on the outer level of consciousness. Ignorantly our memory binds us to gravity. We observe only the present moment within the constraints of time and distance.

How is works our mind

There is also a light screen in our mind. On which the cosmic film can be observed. On this screen, we can also see those components of the film that remain beyond the material eye. In this way of observation, the prevailing restrictions of time and distance do not remain. In the present moment we can look at any moment. Whether it is related to the past and future or near and far. What we see is traveling due to factors that are seemingly invisible to us. But without their presence no movement takes place. Every movement of existence is interconnected. And every moment builds on the first moment. From the first moment the second moment is born and the second moment The third moment comes into being. The movements of life which we call the past and the moments which are called the future, there is no choice without acknowledging their presence in the present.

All attributes of life and all information are associated with physical existence. Normally our eyes cannot see them. But when they are needed, they come forward. The external senses cannot see these attributes, but the existence of these attributes cannot be denied. This level of attributes exists in the world of light with absolute perfection. This system moves through waves or chemical elements of cells.

How is works Our Mind!

When we see a person like Mahmood, we have before our eyes a statue of a fleshy poppy. But Mahmood’s qualities remain beyond the eyes.

For Example,

Mahmood is soft-hearted, tolerant, understanding, sensitive, etc. Many knowledges are stored in Mahmood’s mind. There are innumerable impressions in the memory, innumerable movements continue in Mahmood’s body and mind. Which cannot be seen apparently.

Mehmood’s life is a collection of innumerable movements. Every mental and physical action from birth to the present is a movement. Mehmood’s life is a movie. In which every movement is a motif. in them No figure can be separated from Mahmud’s life. All these movements are Mahmud’s secret life. The person in front of us. He is only an embodiment of the material Godhead, but his past, his future and all his abilities and attributes are beyond attachment. This means that the real Mahmood is the name of attributes, and the body is the manifestation of these attributes.

Mahmood’s secret life and all its features are available in a record or film format. The material manifestation of this film is the physical existence of Mahmood himself. Which is also called consciousness. The Mahmud that our eyes see is a combination of a few attributes while our eyes cannot cover countless other attributes. But the existence of these attributes cannot be denied.

How is works Our Mind!

Spiritual MemoryHow is works Our Mind An unseen record or film is always present with the mind. For example, when we see a person whom we saw twenty-five years ago, we do not need to remember the events of the past twenty-five years, nor do we physically move twenty-five years into the past, but as soon as we see that person is recognized. That is, a gap of twenty-five years is recorded in the subconscious. When the record came into motion, all the interludes were deleted to bring back the twenty-five-year-old personality and our minds on the record.

Being able to see this moment preserves the personality of twenty-five years ago.

How is works Our Mind!

Spiritual Memory

How is works Our Mind

The seed of a tree is considered to be the first material manifestation of its life. When this seed is in contact with soil and water and is provided at a certain temperature, then movement is created in life. Seemingly from a tiny seed, it seems inconceivable that a tiny seed contains the entire life of a tree, its branches, leaves, fruits, and entire trees of generations to come. But this fact is undeniable. When this seed grows, all the stages of life start to be decided one after the other. In other words, the whole life of a tree is associated with its material existence (seed) in the form of a record. And this record becomes a whole tree with order and definite quantities.

How is works Our Mind!
Spiritual knowledge!

According to spiritual knowledge, all records of attributes exist on such a level. It is called the world of light. This record can be studied in film format. The method of viewing an internal film is to remove the gaze from the material screen. In this process, all the aspects are adopted which draw the eye towards the inner screen instead of the outer screen. This effort overwhelms the conscious process, and the gaze rejects the screen Gives that which remains in front of the eyes in the material consciousness. With constant practice the focus of the gaze becomes the screen which is the inner plane of the mind and on which the film of the hidden phenomena of the universe moves.

It is not our habit to look at the internal film, so nature wants to eliminate this tendency. Various thoughts come and disgust arises in nature. This process must be repeated to fix the gaze on the internal screen so that the process becomes a habit.

The point Self in man can see the phenomena of the universe on both screens. But he is ignorant of the inner film because all his interest is with the outer screen. A person is not attracted to watching an inner movie.

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