Movement of the soul!

How does the Movement in the soul?How does the MovementWhat we call material life is a mixture of all bodily functions and functions of all.

For Example,

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we feel hunger and thirst, so we organize food and drink and make food a part of body and soul. Similarly, earning a living, providing resources, fulfilling the requirements of happiness and sorrow, all these functions are based on physical movements. But on reflection, reason guides. All the physical movements are first activated in the point mind with all their details and when all these movements have taken place the physical machine follows these movements. When we are thirsty, first the need for thirst arises in the mind and then we intend to drink water based on the meaning of this knowledge. When thirst and all its details are activated with full energy, our brain commands the body organs to fulfill this demand. The result is that the body in motion fulfills the process of drinking water, and the requirement is fulfilled.

For Example!

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How does the Movement..

Write a Article.
How does the Movement

When a person sits down to write an essay, the outline of the essay and all its details are first prepared in his mind, and then the essayist puts all the details on paper with a pen. This description is called essay, story or fiction etc.

Be it the fulfillment of a thirst requirement or essay writing is first imaged in our mind in full detail. The function of the physical machine is only to give material character to the photographic film. On this basis. No action does not take place until the mental state is established. Body functions or body movements do not occur. Physical activity is called the material world and extracorporeal movements are called the spirit world. In the world of spirit, all sensations, all dimensions exist in the form of knowledge. An example of drinking water is given above. When the desire for thirst and the intention to drink water occur mentally, one perceives the whole process in the dimensions of knowledge. But these movements do not come out in physical movements. They only appear in one point. After this stage comes the manifestation of the body.

The summary of this description is that the movement of the human mind occurs in two spheres. In the first circle, information works without physical functionality and in the second circle, information works with functionality. When a body moves, all the laws of gravity come into play. Moments become bound to order. One is followed by the second and the third is followed by the second. The third moment cannot come until the second moment comes. On the contrary, when the second sphere is active, the movements of the human ego or the human self-do not need to be accompanied by a material body. At that time the human ego is freed from the bondage of moments.

For Example!

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How does the Movement..

Appetite FulfillmentHow does the Movement

The brain informs that the body needs to eat bread to get energy. When we complete this information, we must go through several limitations with frequency and consistency. We sow wheat. Cut and separate from the earrings. Grind the mill. They knead the dough and bake the bread and then eat the bread. This is the performance of the material mind.

On the contrary, when the spiritual mind is in motion and the information of eating something comes in, you don’t need to cross any boundaries. As soon as the spiritual mind is informed that bread should be eaten. Bread becomes available.

A clear example of this in physical life is dreaming, when we are awake, the senses are busy interacting with the external environment. All the time some nerve is moving and our body is active on this signal. But when we fall asleep, the bodily movements become silent, but the active role of ego or self does not end. In dream, though the individual’s body is suspended, he sees all the movements in front of him in the same way as he sees in waking life. The difference is that all barriers of time and distance disappear, and conditions converge into a single point. For example, we dream that we are talking to our friend, even though the friend lives in a distant place, but while talking, we do not realize that there is any spatial distance between us and the friend. We look at the clock at night and sleep at one o’clock. They reach from one country to another in a state of dream. A long film of events is watched one after the other. When you suddenly wake up and look at the clock, a few seconds or a few minutes pass. If these actions and movements occur with the material body,

So, weeks, months, days and hours will pass. Also, thousands of miles must be covered.

A faculty of the self that is active both in waking and dreaming. Power is memory. Man works with this force at every step of life. But he does not consider that if the childhood period is imagined, the mind covers the events of childhood in a moment. Although we have had a gap of years. And thousands of changes have passed, but when the mind travels to the past, the time span of years is fixed in thousandths of a second and reaches the time of childhood. We not only feel the events of the past but also see these events as if one were watching a movie.

Sometimes the difference of feelings becomes so deep even in normal situations that the consciousness realizes it. If there is too much homogeneity in a task and the conscious event is centered, then it becomes an empirical observation.

For Example!

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How does the Movement..
Unaware of the surroundings!

When we study an interesting book, we become so engrossed in the study that time becomes negated. When we finish studying, it feels like a few minutes have passed, but the time has passed much longer. Similarly, if someone is kept waiting, minutes seem like hours.

Dreams are usually referred to as stored thoughts and meaningless concepts. But dream experiences deny that dreams are merely reflections of thoughts. Ever since mankind has recorded history, the importance of dreams has been recognized in every region and every century. Dreams have a special place in the history of psychology and religion. Every class and every level of person has the experience of dreaming. Although everyone often sees something while sleeping.

For Example:

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How does the Movement..
Events during sleep!
How does the Movement

But sometimes he sees such a dream that after waking up the impression is not forgotten. Some dreams are so profound that their influence carries over into waking life after awakening. People experience the taste of what they eat in a dream for a few minutes to a few hours after waking up, just as they do after eating while awake. A man becomes impure after having a dream about sex, just as he is after having sexual pleasure. It is often observed that the event seen in a dream occurs in the same way after a few days or a few months in waking life. This shows that just as man can repeat the records of the past, he can also read the impressions (imprints of life) of the future.

How does the Movement

A dream is called a dream. In the last book, the Holy Qur’an and the heavenly books, the dream is specifically mentioned, and it is pointed out that the dream is the agency through which man gets the knowledge of the unseen. And the ability of vision provides information to man about things beyond the material level. the prophet Yusuf dreamed that the sun, moon and eleven stars were prostrating him, and this was an indication that in the future he would be blessed with prophethood and knowledge. After listening to the dreams of the cook and butler of the King of Egypt, the prophet Yusuf predicted their future. In response to the dream that the King of Egypt saw, the prophet Yusuf predicted a famine and then an abundance of grain, and all things were fulfilled in the same way.

As the prophet Yusuf pointed out. It should be noted that among these dreams, one dream belongs to the prophet and three dreams belong to ordinary people. And in these three there is a revelation of future conditions.

Man’s soul or ego is always in motion. Just as the entire period of awareness consists of some movement.

Similarly, dreams are also movements. Man is aware of his bodily movements in awareness. Because his conscious interest is sustained by awareness. However, not all waking events are recorded in his memory. Only those situations are remembered which leave an impact on the consciousness for whatever reason.

How does the Movement

Travel from one city to another. Many places on the way are very beautiful and no matter how many places you pass, you feel disgusted. We see signboards everywhere. Thousands of vehicles running on the road pass in front of our eyes. The landscape features lush green trees, and large lawns. And when others reach the city, someone asks us what we have seen on the way, so we cannot describe in detail the sights we have seen on the journey. But if we stayed at any place. If we have carefully seen a scene, we describe it. Let’s talk about the rest. We didn’t pay attention. It is all about the things on which our attention has been established. Our mind records it. But the mind cannot cover the things that do not attract attention.

The same kidney works in the dream as well. In a dream, the physical senses are overwhelmed. But the soul goes through events and incidents. They are understood by our mind to the extent that its interest is attached to them. This is why we can describe parts of a dream. On which we focus our attention due to interest and on which events we do not pay attention. Connecting the links of these events keeps our consciousness weak.

Sometimes it happens that the consciousness sees the event of the soul in a coherent state. And the movement of the soul is absorbed in the consciousness in such a way that it is not difficult to attach meanings to it. This is called a true dream and when this condition develops, it reaches the level of Revelation and inspiration.

Nature has bound all creatures, including man, to the law that no individual can sever his connection with the senses of dreams. To maintain the material side of human life it is necessary to enter the senses of dreams. That is why every individual is forced to sleep every day even if he does not want to and when he wakes up from sleep, new energy is stored within him for physical movement.

The sense of dream is such a gift of nature that every person has.

If man wants to benefit from it, he can benefit to the maximum.

Spiritual knowledge begins with the basic lesson that man is not just the name of a fleshy body. Another agency associated with the body is the soul, which is the origin of the body. A person’s soul moves without a body and if a person gets a queen, he can travel spiritually even without a body.

This movement of the soul happens every day unconsciously in the dream. There is a time in the day and night when a person feels pressure in his nature. Involuntarily conscious. They start disappearing. There is a load on the peyotes and nature tends to sleep. We are forced by this biological pressure to surrender ourselves to sleep. The eyes close and the senses seek distance from the surroundings of the unconscious. Consciousness rejects any thought that disturbs sleep. Suddenly, the nerves become silent, and the person passes through drowsiness and goes into light sleep and then into deep sleep.

This condition is such a change of senses. Unwillingly, he enters the senses of the dream. Therefore, a few components of the incident that he goes through in the dream are recorded in the memory, the rest are forgotten. If one enters the dream state in such a way that the consciousness is alert and awake, the flight of the soul becomes a sensory experience. And man becomes able to remember it.

The easiest way is for a person to impose a dream condition on himself with his intention. This means that the process of entering a dream from awareness occurs involuntarily in the same way that when the will is used, a person will voluntarily enter the senses of a dream.

If meditation is defined in terms of dream and wakefulness, then it will be said that meditation is the name of traveling in the dream world while awake. In other words, meditation is the name of this process. In which man tries to impose the state of dream upon himself. But his consciousness remains awake. In meditation, all the conditions that a person goes through during the change of senses are created. Breathing is slowed down by closing the eyes. Body parts are left loose. So that the body becomes invisible.

How does the Movement..

Controlling the soul at will.

How does the Movement

Mentally, a person is distracted from all thoughts and ideas and remains focused on one concept. If one sees a person meditating, it seems as if one is sleeping with their eyes closed. But his consciousness is not suspended as it is in a dream. Thus, in Meditation, a person while awake enters the state which is like dreaming. As soon as the conscious senses are silenced by the senses of the dream.

The senses of awareness are enveloped. In this state, a person can use his will with all the forces and abilities that work in a dream. Past, future, distance, nearness become meaningless. Man becomes free from all the limitations of the physical body.

This ability develops to such a degree that the senses of dream and waking become parallel and the human consciousness is aware of the movements of the dream just as it is aware of the matters of waking. Therefore, he can act according to his will with his soul in the senses of dream.

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