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The Spiritual MinDDo you Know The SpiritualMany experiences and events of life reflect that apart from the material senses, there are also means of perception within man whose capacity and attributes are higher than the ordinary senses. Different names are used for them according to the manner in which these sources come into perceptual experience, such as the sixth sense, extrasensory perception, intuition, inner voice, spiritual flight, etc.

Sometimes there comes a time when a person’s ability to think and understand is paralyzed. In the complexity of the situation, he cannot decide what he should do, Do you Know the Spiritual mind?

In thoughtlessness, an idea comes to mind, something comes to mind that seems to have no connection with the situation and cannot be explained by logical reasoning.

This idea has so much power that a man cannot live without being influenced by it. He executes the idea and the difficulty faced Salvation is obtained. It is often heard that my sixth sense was telling such and such Or I had an unusually recurring thought and then what came to mind happened.

Do you Know The Spiritual Mind!


Example: No,1

Do you Know the Spiritual

You start thinking about a loved one again and again. From time to time his image comes to mind for apparently no reason.

You are forced to wonder why this is happening. Sometimes conditions come along with this idea. As soon as the thought comes, the impression of happiness or anxiety is also created.

After some time or a few days, it is found that your loved one has become seriously ill or met with an accident. It also happens that the thought of a friend with whom it has been a long time comes.

A few hours later, the doorbell rings, and the same friend stands in front. It often happens that some people are sitting talking and the topic of conversation imperceptibly becomes an absent person and after some time the same person comes into the room.

A scientist constantly thinks about something and examines the results of experiments. During research, a new idea appears on him and this idea becomes the basis of a knowledge or formula. This revelation happens in stages as well as by suddenly deleting all the stages. In a step-by-step manner, these revelations happen step by step in a way that doesn’t feel out of the ordinary.

Do you Know The Spiritual Mind!

Example: No,2

Do you Know the Spiritual

But when there is a sudden revelation, it cannot be called the achievement of ordinary senses. Benzene is a compound in organic chemistry. The discovery of the molecular structure of this compound is one such example.

Chemist Wo12 was constantly pondering what the composition of benzene should be because interpretation was not possible in the light of the previous theory.

Even after much deliberation, he could come to a conclusion. One night he dreamed that there were snakes and they were holding each other’s tails in their mouths in such a way that a certain shape was formed. Seeing this shape,

Wolfe thought of Benzene. After waking up, Wolff began working on the structure and proved that the structure of benzene was the same as the one he had seen in the dream.

Similarly in medicine the properties of various medicines are the result of intuition or inner guidance.

As a result of the mental effort of doctors and experts, the mind towards a chemical, compound single or compound medicine is transferred and then experiments and research give material form and certainty to this intuitive signal.

In the arts and other similar creative activities, conscious performance is subject to subtle feelings.

It cannot be said about most of the topics, articles, poems and ideas that rational effort is involved in them.

The writer, painter, poet or thinker himself feels this and calls them “arrival”.

This has been shown by considering the stages of life. That our life is subject to reason and intuition and the ingredients we need to live a meaningful life are provided to us from somewhere, the thoughts in our mind are an order and determination.

They come from and thanks to this arrangement, life is meaningful. Another agency also provides an understanding of the strong and coherent use of the experiences our consciousness receives from infancy to death.

Internal motivations can also be observed in the personalities and interests of individuals. Consciousness gets its centrality and interest from the unconscious.

Do you Know The Spiritual Mind!

Different Abilities.

For Example: No, 3

Do you Know The Spiritual

Two children of the same father have different interests and different abilities.

By social status, They are born in a family. They get equal attention from parents.

They live in the same house and in the same conditions. study in the same school but with age their conscious interests diverge.

One child is interested in painting, the other is happy to be a lawyer.

One child achieves a distinguished position in the class but the other turns out to be an average student.

If the apparent reasons for all these things are sought, no final thing can be said. Similarly, if children are asked why they are interested in such and such a thing or profession, then they cannot give any reason.

The fact is that the impressionistic image of the unconscious determines the interest for the conscious and man’s ability, interest, interest and performance become separate.

The clearest example of this is the animal world. Animals and insects have an integrated consciousness at the individual and collective level and we know that no rational and intellectual education interferes in the functioning of this consciousness.

Do you Know the Spiritual Mind!

For Example: No, 4

Do you Know the Spiritual

The duckling reaches the water as soon as it hatches from the egg. The knowledge of flight in the baby falcon makes it fly again and again. In the same way, the bee has the knowledge of attracting flowers and making honey Begins to work without a teacher.

The art of nesting in the little bird “bea” is not the result of external training. It has to be said that behind the conscious mechanism another agency exists.

Consciousness works under the influence of this agency. Human life is associated with this agency in every age, but due to leading a normal life, man does not consider it.

However, many situations occur which cannot be considered normal. Therefore, the intellect would be forced to make mental divisions on the basis of human rational experience and observation is.

Do you Know The Spiritual Mind!
Conscious and unconscious

For Example: No, 5

Do you Know the Spiritual
Psychology mentions the conscious and unconscious, while post-psychology and self-knowledge experts introduce the sixth sense, inner voice, extrasensory perception.

All Religion presents the belief of conscience, intuition and soul. Therefore, in every field of knowledge there is a mention of another person along with the human mind.

The limitation is that even non-religious people are forced to accept Nature as a unit beyond reason and consciousness. In simple words it can be said like this:

Two brains work within man. One external mind and another internal mind, the more the external mind is connected to the spiritual mind. That is how we live a peaceful life.

Within us the angle of perception widens and the ability to accept the messages of the spiritual mind increases.
Do you Know The Spiritual Mind!

For Example: No, 6

Do you Know the Spiritual

Spiritual sciences are based on the idea that man learns to use the spiritual mind

more and more. Receiving and conveying thoughts without material means

(Telepathy), knowing something without physical means (Discovery), spiritual power

to change thoughts and objects (Telepathy), knowledge of spiritual formulas,

knowledge of other worlds. Traveling, seeing angels and jinn, seeing heaven, hell,

throne and attributes of Allah. All this is possible when the spiritual mind of a

person is active and active.

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